Curls By Nya was found by Rose after working with different types of customer’s hair since 2005. Rose dream was to help those people  who have had issues with their hair, she have a green thumb to grow peoples hair. Her passion  didn’t just started when she had opened her salon. It started long time ago. She thought, she was only going to operate the business  and seat back to run the it, after seeing a lot of customers who were coming and see how damaged their hair was from using chemicals. She said (probably this is my calling) She wanted to find a better solution to prevent this issue. So she had to make sure any customers who was coming to her salon, will convert to natural hair. From her running the business, and her seeing how much ppl were converted to natural hair she got more involve of doing their hair. Rose said (when you see a customer is crying with joy to see how beautiful and healthy their hair looks, you know you are doing the right thing) so Rose continue doing what she love best, her happiness is to see happy customers.

When Rose was 4 years old, her great grandma had given her nickname beauty. Her great grandmother thought she was just too cute and different compared to other little  girls, Rose used to love doing her dolls hair and anyone who was coming to visit she will ask to do their hair. This is really where Rose had started this dream. Fast forward 2005 Rose had opened a beauty shop and name it Mrembo salon, (mrembo means beauty in Kiswahili)

Her main vision is to work with natural hair and she believes that we are born with curly hair. Customer who are having difficulties with how to maintain their hair on a daily basis, as well as how to grow healthy natural hair. From her genuine love and passion for hair and beauty, she set out to create and find the best natural products to promote growth and healthy hair, as well as curly hair products.

From this passion came the creation of the Mrembo Hair Growth Oil, her signature and most popular product.  This product is a combination of a dozens of natural oils and herbs and is beneficial for all hair types and textures. She continue looking for better products, that when she created curls by Nya as her brand name. These are products for all types of curly texture and more. 


In her work as a stylist, she explored many different products to help her clients.  After finding the best products available, we expanded our product lines to include all natural shampoos, conditioners, styling and treatment options to help with all hair types, but specifically beneficial for different curls. We called the line "Curls by Nya."

Curls by Nya is a brand under Mrembo LLC. Mrembo in Swahili means beauty. Our products will make you look your best and feel your best.